Synthesis Development Property

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Synthesis Development Property ie a growing spontaneity developers in Beloved Country on the side of interests in retail properties, apartments also residential, super blocks, offices, also hotels. People be obliged an integrated project intrigue, consultant, iause also fulfilment. Our victory ie driven from our substantial team also their commitment to earn results the suitable avenue. Through operating responsibly, executing on the side of passion also excellence, applying innovative technologies also capturing upstart opportunities.

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Established in 1992, Synthesis started out as ProLease, a spontaneity consultant specializing in shopping midst consultant also intrigue. A upstart breakthrough established in 1999, when your began our acknowledge spontaneity fulfilment activity. Began on the side of our opening fulfilment project, Plaza Semanggi, the most iconic structure in Jakarta.The fulfilment project of Plaza Semanggi project had adorn an efficacious milestone number us in spontaneity fulfilment business in Beloved Country .

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In 2005, the mark Synthesis began to be used number spontaneity business also started concentrating on spontaneity fulfilment. We’re realized our dreams became accurate, from 1999 to present, Synthesis Development Property (Synthesis Development – Indonesia Developer Property) is completed or begun fabrication of more dicompare 10 spontaneity projects, on the side of revenue circle of company. From high-end apartments, mall, hotels, also custom tower. Synthesis bequeath persist to appoint the ease works in spontaneity fulfilment in Beloved Country , also continues to strive number appoint a agreeable also extremely proper urban living capacity.

Plaza Semanggi
Synthesis Development Property undertake spontaneity fulfilment in Beloved Country pass The Plaza Semanggi, certain shopping midst in South Jakarta standing around the custom area , making this mall as the most iconic structure in the intent of Jakarta because the location. Competent from revenue to upper pay groups that comprehend custom workers, residents in the nearby residential apartments, circumjacent residential estates, hotel guests also university students.

The Plaza Semanggi commonly referred as Pelangi, in the colorful ambiance, Plaza Semanggi came to delivered reflective of ease shade also architecture to their any . Brimming on the side of everlasting shopping, dining also enjoyment opportunities. Not merely as a shopping midst, but withal as a union place also the cozy socializing spot in Jakarta. Nestled in intent of Jakarta embracing residential estates, hotel, also university.

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